Managing payments to vendors is hard.
We make it easy, repeatable, and cost effective.

Sending money to vendors should be safe, fast, and easy. BluPay makes enterprise accounts payable possible at lower cost, effort, and delay than has ever been possible.

We don’t have different service plan tiers.
Just one comprehensive suite of services for all clients.

  • Onboard Vendors

    We work with you to onboard your highest priority vendors and give you tools to walk your lower payment volume vendors through the onboarding process.

  • Create & Import Payment Requests

    We import payment requests out of your accounting software into BluPay. From there, we automate payment disbursement to each individual onboarded vendor.

  • Manage Transfer of Funds

    You’ll be able to track payments from payment request through vendor receipt. And you’ll be electronically notified immediately if there are any exceptions.

  • Give Vendors Payment Visibility

    Each of your vendors will have a login to view the status of their payment requests, be able to report on historical payments and view the status of payments in transit.

  • Reduce Payment Time

    Payments via BluPay average 4 business days from payment request to vendor receipt of payment.